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Harvey and Haley go on their first date and "Facebook Official"... 5 of Haley's First Date Favorites 0

"Okay, full disclosure time. I turned Abe down for that date after I talked to Harvey! Basically, what happened was, I called Harvey and told him about Abe and he said Annie had asked him the same thing! But then Harvey confessed that he liked me and not Annie and I confessed that I liked him and not Abe!  It felt so good to say that I had feelings for him and to hear that he had feelings for me! We went out for dinner together, just the two of us, that very night!  It was so much better than those group dates we’d been on.  The two of us could talk in peace without worrying about being interrupted or distracted.  Shortly after that night, we decided to become “facebook official” with our relationship.  I thought it wouldn’t be a big deal but that led to even more trouble! "

Your friend, 


5 of Haley's First Date Favorites

First dates are super exciting! You’ve been talking to the guy you’re interested in and you feel like there’s a real connection there. He obviously feels the same connection since he asked you out on a first date. It’s not just the date that’s fun though. The process of getting ready—putting your favorite makeup on, wearing your favorite clothes, and styling your hair—is also an enjoyable part of the experience. Whether it’s your favorite perfume, or wearing your favorite shoes, first dates are a time to show off your personality!

Getting ready for a first date seems easy enough, right? But sometimes, you end up staring at your closet not knowing what to wear, or staring at yourself in the mirror not knowing how to do your hair and makeup. For a little inspiration and a fellow girl’s perspective, we’ll be sharing Haley’s favorite first date items. These items are her go-to for getting ready first date ready.

1. Skincare

Taking care of your skin is super important step in the daily routine, especially for date nights. However, try to avoid using any new products on days you’re going out on a date. You don’t want to experience an allergic reaction because of your skin care right before a date (or worse, right before). So put on your favorite facial mask and let the skin pampering begin!

Pursonic FC360R Rechargeable Sonic Facial Cleaner with 4 Brush

Pursonic FC360R Rechargeable Sonic Facial Cleaner with 4 Brush

Haley: “This rechargeable facial cleaner tool by Pursonic is my holy grail skincare product. The brush is very gentle, yet it makes my face feel super clean after I use it. I think the sonic movement of this particular product makes all the difference. I’ve used other electronic facial cleansers, but this is my favorite one by far. Plus, it’s rechargeable! I don’t have to worry about buying extra batteries ever. I definitely recommend this to everyone! It’s perfect for guys, too. My brother uses one.



2. Makeup

When getting ready for a first date, makeup is honestly not necessary. If you’re confident in your own skin, girl, flaunt it! However, if you want to wear makeup on your first date, try going for a natural look. Use colors that bring your features and let that inner glow shine.  

Laura Mercier Creme Cheek Colour Sunrise .07 oz

Laura Mercier Creme Cheek Colour Sunrise 

Haley: “I don’t know about you, but I love blush! I think it’s one of those makeup products that really can make your look. This Laura Mercier creme blush in Sunrise is my #1 choice. I seriously wear it everyday, even on important occasions. The color is the perfect coral-pink and compliments every skin tone.  It’s one of those blushes that make you look naturally flushed. Plus, I really like it because it’s a creme and I personally find creme blushes easier to use.”

3. Hair

Knowing what to do with your hair can be a struggle sometimes. Do you leave your hair down or do you put it up? Do you leave it straight or do you curl it (vice versa if you have naturally curly hair)? With all the seemingly endless options, how do you choose? A good rule of thumb would be to fix your hair so that you’re comfortable and not playing with it throughout the night. Remember that for a first date, the conversation between you and your date is the main focus.

Conair BABNTHS8 8 Roller Hair Setter Extra Large

Conair BABNTHS8 8 Roller Hair Setter Extra Large

Haley: “When it comes to first date hair, I always like to curl mine. There’s just something about having romantic curly hair when you’re on a date searching for romance. My favorite way to achieve gorgeous curls is to use the Conair 8 Roller Hair Setter with the Extra Large Rollers. I know what you’re probably thinking… hair rollers are so old! But for some reason, I love them more than using your standard curling iron or curling wand. With this particular set, the curls you can achieve are so loose and bouncy! Try it out!”

4. Accessories

Although outfits can look great with any added accessories, incorporating the right ones can totally upgrade your look to the next level. Simple jewelry pieces—studs, a small pendant necklace, a thin bracelet—are error-free choices because they look lovely with any outfit and on any woman. These simple pieces will also help you to shine, but won’t be distracting to the eye. Remember, that it’s all about the conversation you have with your date. So wear jewelry that will complement your look and that will allow you to shine, not detract from anything you’re telling your date because he’s too busy staring at your dangling earrings.

10K White Gold 0.50 Ctw Diamond Flower Stud Earrings

10K White Gold 0.50 Ctw Diamond Flower Stud Earrings

Haley: “My absolute favorite part of dressing up is accessorizing. An outfit can look great without any, but I feel like by adding the right accessories your look will be leveled up! Personally, I don’t like to go too crazy with accessorizing so I mainly focus on jewelry. For me, the jewelry pieces that I absolutely cannot even leave the door without wearing: earrings. I think earrings are the perfect jewelry piece. They add just the right amount of bling and really bring out your beauty. My favorite ones to wear are the ones that my mom passed down to me. They’re white gold diamond earrings that her mother passed down to her. I just love them.”

5. Perfume

Smelling good is an absolute must, especially when you’re trying to make a great first impression on someone for your first date. Since everyone has their own preference on perfume scents, make sure to choose one that you like! However, don’t go overboard with the perfume. Even something that smells lovely, can be unpleasant when someone sprays a lot of it on.



Haley: “I know that there are certain perfume scents that are recommended for daytime wear and nighttime wear, but I personally don’t think you need to follow those rules. Love Story by Chloe is meant for daytime wear, but I wear it all the time! Notes of orange flower and jasmine give it a fresh and floral tone, but the hints of cedar wood give the scent some depth and make it sexy as well. I always get compliments whenever I wear this perfume, especially from my guy friends. I hope Harvey likes it as well!”


No matter what you decide to wear, or how you accessorize, or how you do your hair and makeup, make sure to have fun and enjoy your first date! The connection between you and your date is already there (you wouldn't have said yes if it wasn't right?), so just be yourself. The conversation and the chemistry during the date is the main focus and ultimately your appearance is a complement to your personality. So if you let your personality shine, your first date will go smoothly on your end!


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Annie asks Harvey out, but he's not interested... 5 Ways to Know if You're Friendzoned 0

"The other day, Annie strongly implied that it might be nice if the two of us went out together by ourselves.  I hope she doesn't think I have feelings for her.  I'm not really looking for any sort of relationship right now at all.  Well, that's not really true. I've actually been considering asking Haley out for a little while now.  I'm just sort of worried what that might do to our whole group.  Abe seems to have feelings for Haley and Annie has feelings for me and I don't know where exactly Haley stands in all of this so I think leaving it alone for right now might be the best course of action.  Then again, Haley is a pretty special girl and it might be worth sacrificing a friendship or two if that meant starting a meaningful relationship with her.  Maybe I should ask Haley what she thinks? "

Your friend, 



5 Ways to Know if You're Friendzoned

Caring about a friend is an important aspect of a platonic relationship. After all, you can’t really be considered friends with someone if you don’t genuinely care about them. But there may be a time where you find yourself caring for someone as more than just a friend. Having romantic feelings for someone is one thing, but having romantic feelings for a close friend is on a completely different level.

So how do you tell if there’s something there… or if he really does just see you as a close friend? Sometimes the signs can be confusing, but we’re here to help you! We’ve got 5 signs that you’ve been friendzoned, but remember that these don’t apply to everyone. Make sure to use these a guideline and adapt them to your particular situation.


1. When you hang out with him, he always brings his friends along

Hanging out in a group doesn’t always mean you’ve been friendzoned. However, frequency is important. If he constantly figures out a way to bring his buddies along then that’s a red flag.

2. He talks about other girls whenever you're with him or he goes to you for dating advice

What better way to get girl advice than to go to a girl to get their perspective. However, if you’re the girl he’s going to for his dating advice it’s potentially a sign that he’s friendzoning you. Although you have to also take into consideration that he may be doing this to make you jealous… but that’s another blog post to be written ;)

3. He reaches out to you whenever it's convenient for him or when he needs something from you

Another potential indicator is when contacts you and for what reason. Spontaneous invitations to go hang out with him and grab lunch or catch a basketball game are normal. However, if you notice that he only reaches out to you whenever he needs your help or advice, then he probably doesn’t see you as more than a friend.

4. He's way too comfortable around you

In general, we like to look presentable whenever we go out and meet people. There are also times when we make sure to put in extra effort. For instance, going on a first date with a person you’ve been interested in for a while. We wear our nicer pieces of clothing and make sure we smell extra nice. With that idea in mind, if your friend wears basketball shorts and a white t-shirt when you see him or if he doesn’t spruce up as much as he would, then that is a sign that you’ve been friendzoned. 

5. He considers you (or refers to you as) his little/big sister 

The ultimate sign (at least in my opinion) to help you gauge whether there could be more than just a friendship between you and him is whether or not he considers or refers to you as a sister. If you two are hanging out with his group of friends and he says something along the lines of “Oh yeah, Haley is cool. I think of her as a sister,” or something like “No, we’d never date. She’s like a sister,” then it’s a friendzone situation.

Couple by the lake

Having feelings for your friend is a tough situation to be in. When you’ve already built a platonic relationship, how do you approach having feelings for him? And the bigger question is if he sees the same potential in your relationship. So use our tips as a guideline to test out the waters and gauge if there’s a potential romantic spark there. If not, and you feel that you’ve been friendzoned, then it’s perfectly fine. Maybe you’re just not meant to be with one another, but that doesn’t mean you won’t meet someone who’s right for you. In that case, just be patient. I’m sure your Prince Charming is waiting for you out there.


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Abe asks Haley out, but she's not interested... 5 Tips to Turn Him Down Gently 0

Yesterday, Abe texted me asking if I wanted to go on a date with just him!  I told him I'd think about it and I haven't gotten back to him yet.  I really like going out with the four of us together as a group and I don't see any need to change that set-up.  Abe seemed really insistent that it just be the two of us.  I wonder if he likes me as more than a friend? That would be flattering but I'm not really interested in him in that way.  If Harvey had asked me on a date with just him though, I definitely would've said yes! In fact, I've been hoping Harvey would ask me out with it being just the two of us but he hasn't yet.  I think Harvey likes me so I'm hopeful.  I just don't know what I should do about Abe.  Maybe I should ask Harvey what he thinks? " 

Your friend, 



5 Tips to Turn Him Down Gently 

It takes a lot of courage for a guy to confess their romantic feelings to you. It’s an experience that requires him to become vulnerable and open up his heart to the person that they like. Sometimes it turns out amazingly well because you’ve been harboring the same feelings for him that he’s had for you. In these moments, it’s exciting—imaginary sparks fly and you’re on cloud nine. But other times… you don’t reciprocate the same feelings that he has.

So how do you tell him that you don’t feel the same way? It’s a balance between being honest about your answer, yet being as kind as you can be when doing so. No matter what, it’s a tough place to be in and it’s going to be a sensitive situation. To help you get through, we’ve got 5 tips to break it to him gently. 

1. Be honest with him

When your teachers in grade school teach you that honesty is the best policy, they sure weren’t kidding. In dating, nothing is better than being honest. When you’re trying to turn down a guy who’s just confessed that he has feelings for you, be honest and tell him you don’t feel the same way. The rejection may be hard on him, but it’s better to tell the truth in the beginning than beat around the bush and potentially lead him on. So your teachers were right, honesty is the best policy!

2. Compliment him

Start off with a compliment. It takes a lot of courage to do what he did, so show him that you appreciate his feelings for you. Complimenting him may not seem much, but telling him that you think fondly of him—in a platonic manner—will help to ease the bad news. So make sure to start off by telling him something you appreciate about him. But here’s the tricky part, don’t be too complimentary with him… otherwise it may be received the wrong way as it could be seen as you leading him on. 

3. Be clear when you communicate

Try not to circle around your answer too much. If you don’t want to date someone, let them know. State your answer clearly, but be kind about it also. Remember it’s a sensitive situation and sometimes how you say something is more important than what you say. So be considerate about the other person and be direct with your words, but answer with finesse. 

4. Show him respect

Remember the golden rule from grade school? Treat your neighbors as you would like to be treated. This is probably the number one thing to remember whenever you face difficult situations. Try to empathize with him and put yourself in his shoes. So remember to treat him with respect and be considerate about his feelings. It’s completely fine to not reciprocate the same feelings he has for you, but it’s not fine to be harsh when you tell him so.

5. Give him some time

Having to turn down someone is hard enough, but when that person happens to be one of your friends… it’s even harder. If he happens to be a close friend of yours, make sure to give him some time. You may want to continue being friends right away as if nothing happened, sometimes, unfortunately, that won’t happen. Give him some time to deal with the situation. When he’s ready, he’ll reach out to you. But until then, just be patient.

It’s never a great feeling to be in either position, whether you’re turning someone down or being turned down. So if you’re in the position where he’s confessing his feelings to you, be sure to keep that balance between being direct and kind with your answer. Sometimes people aren’t meant to be with each other and that’s completely fine. However, you should still show him respect and consideration. After all, he did just put his heart on the line (sort of speak).



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Harvey's Awkward Dinner Dates... 5 Group Date Ideas to Ensure a Good Time 0

" Annie's been acting weird lately and I'm wondering if it has something to do with Haley. Come to think of it, Abe's been pretty odd too.  When the four of us go out to dinner, which is pretty often these days, those two just sit there and stare at us. Although I enjoy having more time to talk with Haley, I can’t help but feel bad. They should at least talk to each other a little bit so it’s not you know… awkward. Next time I’ll make sure that we do something more interactive so that they’ll have more of a good time. Honestly, the awkwardness is starting to become unnerving.  Oh, and Annie's been texting me a lot lately.  Like maybe too much.  And it's just the most random stuff?  She keeps wanting to know how my day's going and what I've been doing and all that. I know she likes me but I’m not leading her on or anything.  Haley on the other hand... I've been catching myself thinking about her more and more these days! " 

Your friend, 


5 Group Date Ideas to Ensure a Good Time

One-on-one dates can be tricky business. You could potentially trip and fall on your face or say something that causes awkwardness between you and your date. Whatever the embarrassing incident may be, one-on-one dates don’t really leave a lot of room for mishap. Once it’s awkward… it’s awkward.

The possibility of these things happening might make you consider group dates to ease yourself into the simple (yet sometimes overly complicated) world of dating. Group dates are great. They say the more, the merrier, right? Unlike some one-on-one dates, group dates give you an opportunity to have more fun and be a little bit more adventurous. Plus, you’re never alone so If there’s ever some kind of weird tension, you always have someone else to help you bring your group back to comfortable conversation.

… Or you could experience something like Harvey did with his (borderline uncomfortable) group dating situation. No one likes those moments… so how do you fix it? What kind of group dates could you plan that involves everybody and allows everyone to enjoy themselves? Well, we’ve got 5 ideas that will ensure a fun time. Say goodbye to awkwardness, and hello to good times! 

1. Karaoke 

Who doesn’t love singing their heart out to their guilty pleasure song (a.k.a “the one moment you don’t feel embarrassed to let others know that you’re actually a big [insert artist name here] fan”)? No one, of course... so have fun and jam out at karaoke! Add a few rounds of beverages to help everyone loosen up and before you know it, everyone’s having a good time.

2. Go Kart Racing 

We all need a little break from our hectic schedules. Whether it’s work that’s stressing you out or maybe the term paper that you just can’t seem to write, a little bit of nostalgic fun is always good for everyone. Go kart racing may seem like something only teenagers would do, but sometimes activities that remind you of your childhood is a nice change of pace. Plus, everyone loves a little friendly competition. Have a race—guys versus girls or couple versus couple—and wager a bet. Dinner’s on the losers.

3. Watching a Sports Game

Find out what everyone’s favorite sport is and watch a game together. Not only are you surrounded with tons of other enthusiastic fans, but you can share in the team’s ups and downs with your date. It’s also a bonus that lively sports games can help you loosen up… go Dodgers! 

4. Wine Tasting

If you’re looking for a more classy group date idea, try going on a wine tasting. You’ll get a great tour of the vineyard all while sipping on different kinds of wine. Plus, by the end of it you’ll know that white wines pair well with seafood and that red goes with red meat.

5. Photo Scavenger Hunt

For some good laughs and a small challenge, try going on a photo scavenger hunt. Split into two teams—again, guys against girls or couples against couples—and write a list of things that the other team must do. Try showing off your best catwalk pose in the other gender’s clothing, or maybe an impromptu singing session at the boardwalk. Make it as silly, goofy, or even as creative as you’d like. Complete the list and snap a photo or video as evidence then compare each other’s at the end. You’ll have a great time and memories to share.

Whichever group date activity you decide to try, whether it’s on this list or not, just make sure to be yourself. There’s no way of stressing it enough, but being yourself and finding someone who will love and appreciate you is the sole reason for dating. So if an interactive and fun date isn’t solving your awkwardness with the other person… maybe you're just not meant to be. At least you’ll go away knowing that you did your best to try to click with the other person.


We want to know what you think! Leave a comment down below about your thoughts on this blog post. 

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Haley friended Harvey on Facebook... 5 Dos and Don'ts When You're on Facebook 0

" I know it's funny, me being a tech geek and all, but I didn't have a Facebook page for the longest time. After that second dinner though, Harvey convinced me to get one and I'm so glad I did. It helped me connect with so many people: classmates I'd lost touch with from high school, some of my relatives up in San Francisco, and most importantly, Harvey! Unlike Abe, Harvey's not really one for texting but he sure likes posting the cutest comments on my Facebook wall, always with some adorable smiley face. Of course, I'm friends on there with Annie and with Abe, who also posts on my wall quite often. It's not that I don't want to talk with Abe at all, it's just whenever I get a message from him, it doesn't make my heart flutter the same way it does when I get one from Harvey! Annie seems to be ignoring me lately for some reason though. I wonder why? " 

Your friend,

5 Dos and Don'ts on Facebook

Social media has transformed from an opportunity to connect with old friends to a platform for expression. Your profile is no longer just a list of facts about yourself, but is now a place for you to openly express your thoughts, opinions, ideas, and perspective. However, there's a fine line between posting whatever you like and posting something that could potentially hurt others.

So how do we navigate through social media etiquette? With networks like Twitter or Instagram, it's important to remember that you still have an audience that you're writing or posting to. The key, however, is to find balance. Post about you like or what you're interested in, but do so with consideration of others. It may seem like a super fine line, but we're here to help you! Since Haley is new to the Facebook world, we've compiled  5 Dos and Don'ts when using Facebook: 


1. Be conscious of what you're posting 

Before clicking that 'Post' button, take a moment to re-read your post. Remember that Facebook is a platform that connects you to hundreds, or even thousands, of your friends, family, and acquaintances. With this many connections, you'll have people of different backgrounds, beliefs, values, personalities, etc. looking at your posts on their news feed. So make sure to keep that in mind when you post. Something that may seem funny and light-hearted to you could be perceived by others differently.

2. Save anything personal for the chat section, not your wall

As a courtesy to you and your friends, keep any personal conversations in the chat section instead of your wall. You don't want to let everyone on your friends list know that you have the biggest crush on your best friend's brother, right? Plus, the chat section of Facebook has a lot of emojis and gifs that you could use to enhance your conversation. Squealing about cute boys definitely calls for the heart-eyes emoji! 

3. Keep your posts concise

Let's face it, with everything that we're juggling in our daily lives social media becomes our 10-minute escape... and also the opportunity to check out your favorite celebrity's latest post. We don't have much time to scroll through our social media, so keep your posts short and sweet. We'd love to hear if you bought a new car, but a 3 paragraph post might be too excessive. 

4. Proofread  

Believe it or not, proofreading isn't just for professional emails or term papers. Proofreading is definitely a must on social media. Trust me, you don't want to risk having the word 'luck' auto-corrected to... well you know. Avoid this risk and remember, proofreading is your best friend.

5. Enjoy yourself

At the end of the day, scrolling through your Facebook news feed should be an enjoyable thing... so enjoy it! Facebook (or with any social media platform) etiquette can seem like an obstacle to navigate, but don't overthink it to the point of stressing yourself out. Mindfulness will take you a long way! So don't be too hesitant to share your favorite cat gifs with everyone... I know I won't be. 


1. Don't vent about work

The number one rule of thumb on Facebook is: Don't post something that you don't want all of the world to see. Now I know what you're thinking, 'My Facebook is on private so I'm good.' Unfortunately, whatever is put on the internet stays on the internet. So if you didn't have a good day at work, try not to vent about it on Facebook. There's chance that a co-worker (or even a future employer) might be able to see it and you don't want to risk that. Instead of updating your status about it, call up your best friend and talk to him/her. Unlike a computer screen, he/she can give you a hug... and a plate of cookies. 

2. Don't overshare about yourself

Facebook is an opportunity to express yourself and for others to get to know who you are. But there is such a thing as oversharing. For instance, reading that you love Kanye West's new album is awesome (because trust me, I do too), but reading that you're on the toilet isn't... 

3. Don't tag your friends in photos that are unflattering for them

Posting pictures on your profile is a fun way to show your friends list what's been going on in your life. Although posts are nice to come across, sometimes we don't want to read and we just want to look at pictures. However, be mindful when you're tagging your friends in your photos. You don't want to accidentally tag your friend in your night out picture if she has her eyes closed. Also be a friend and make sure to ask the people in your photo if it's all right to post or tag them in it. They'll appreciate it and return the gesture. 

4. Don't fight on Facebook

Just like number 2 on the Dos list and number 1 on the Don'ts list, make sure that Facebook isn't your place to address problems with others. You don't want to fight on Facebook where all can see. Besides, expressing your emotions is probably easier in person than it is typed online. 

5. Don't forget to comment and like the posts that you enjoy!

If you're scrolling through your feed and stumble upon a friend's profile picture update of him and his dog, don't forget to comment and like it! That is, if you actually like it... Show your friends some love by leaving comments and likes here and there. It'll show them that you enjoy reading about their life and it might just spark up some good conversation! 

Facebook is a great and fun way to see what's going on in your friends and family's life. Use it to connect with people you haven't spoken to in a while. Use it to tell the world (or your friend's list at least) that you're a creative person who enjoys painting or sketching. Don't forget that social media platforms are there for networking, but they're also there for you to have an opportunity to express yourself. Use them, but remember to use them wisely. 


We want to know what you think! Leave a comment down below about your thoughts on this blog post. 

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Harvey goes on a group date with Haley... 5 First Date Grooming Tips for Guys and Harvey's Top Products 0

" The four of us had dinner again the following weekend and this time I made sure to sit next to Haley. I could see that bothered Abe but I figured it was my turn to talk with the lovely lady. Abe had told me he'd been texting Haley the past week but I didn't think much of it at the time. I'd sent her a text or two myself, but I'd been busy at work too so we hadn't gotten much time to talk until that night. And talk we did. Haley is a fascinating girl! Who knew I'd find someone out here in LA who shares my passion for people? Haley gets the world like I do and I think that's really cool. Abe and Annie didn't seem to have much to say to each other. They just sort of sat there, trying to join in on my conversation with Haley, but without much success. I could sense the tension... "

Your friend, 


5 Tips for Grooming for a First Date (Guys) & Harvey's Top Products

Dressing sharp is key to a first date. However, grooming is as important (if not more) and should not be underestimated. The essential thing to realize is that how you present yourself (and the effort you put in) shows your level of respect to the woman you're going on a date with. There's a big chance that she'll be spending some time getting ready for the date, and you should return the favor. 

Preparing for a first date can be tricky, and knowing how to groom can be confusing. That's why we're here to give you a few tips about how to groom for a first date. It's not that complicated once you figure out what works for you! Plus, Harvey will be sharing his favorite products to use to get ready for date night.  

1. Shave 

Having unkept facial hair can be very unflattering. In order to look sharp and fresh for your date, be sure to shave. Go with your normal routine, just be more careful and detailed so that this shave is extra clean. 

Harvey's picks for a nice, clean, date-worthy shave are:

Bump Patrol Cool Shave GelBump Patrol Cool Shave Gel by Ddi 

Harvey: "Shaving can be a struggle at times and I tend to get a few razor bumps here and there. So I decided to try out this particular shave gel and it works great. The cool sensation of the menthol makes your face feel fresh, and it really does help to guard my face against razor bumps, razor burn, ingrown hair, cuts, nicks and scrapes. If shaving isn't your greatest strong suit, like me, try this gel out next time you shave!" 



Philips Norelco Electric Shaver 6900
Philips Norelco Electric Shaver 6900

Harvey: "I've been using this electric shaver for years now. It's corded so you won't have to worry about running out of batteries right before your date. The dual-blade system makes shaving that much easier and comfortable. This device also adjusts to every curve of your face, so shaving your chin and your neck is a breeze."

2. Don't overdo it with cologne 

Cologne is key to smelling nice, but there's also a danger of using too much. You don't want to overpower your date's nose by going overboard on the cologne, so make sure to use a minimal amount. 

Harvey's favorite date night cologne: 

POLO BLUE by Ralph Lauren   
Polo Blue by Ralph Lauren

Harvey: "Polo Blue by Ralph Lauren is my go-to for date nights. I’m no cologne connoisseur, but this one is a dynamic blend of freshness with a musky undertone. It’s a manly scent, but not overpowering. This cologne gets my stamp of approval. Plus, ladies always seem to compliment me whenever I wear this on a date with them. Hopefully Haley will like this scent too." 



3. Don't overdo it with hair gel or pomade 

Styling products are a great way to help you achieve a nice hairstyle for your date, but overdoing it with hair gel or pomade could make your hair look greasy or crunchy. Use just enough product to make sure your hairstyle holds throughout the night. 

Harvey's go-to hair styling product: 

Giovanni Wicked Texture PomadeGiovanni Wicked Texture Pomade
 Harvey: "I’m not sure about most guys, but I’m very picky about pomade. I’ve tried a lot of them, and Giovanni’s Wicked Texture Pomade has been the best one so far. This product has less chemicals than other pomades, yet still gives you a strong and lasting hold whenever you style your hair. When it comes to first dates or important events, I always trust this product to keep my hair looking nice all day (and night) long.












































4. Take care of your skin

Looking sharp for date night means having nice skin... or at least taking care of it. So before then, make sure to take extra care of your skin. Use your trusted face products to help you achieve clear skin for your big date. 

Organiclear OC30 Acne Treatment 30-Day SupplyOrganiclear OC30 Acne Treatment 30 Day Supply

Harvey: "Now that I'm older, I take skincare much more seriously. To help prevent and treat acne, I use the Organiclear OC30 Acne Treatment. This kit comes with everything you need to maintain clear: a cleanser, acne lotion and soothing lotion. My favorite is the acne lotion. The benzoyl peroxide in the product helps to prevent breakouts and can be used as a spot treatment."  

5. Wear unscented deodorant (or one that matches your cologne)

It's normal to sweat when you're nervous, that's why deodorant is must on the first date grooming checklist. When choosing which deodorant to use, make sure to stick to an unscented deodorant. They'll help to keep you sweat free, but the scent won't interfere with the cologne you're wearing. Scented deodorants of the same scent of your cologne is okay, too. Since your deodorant matches your cologne, the scents won't clash. 

Harvey's favorite date-night deodorant: 

POLO BLUE by Ralph Lauren Deodorant Stick Alcohol Free

POLO BLUE by Ralph Lauren Deodorant Stick Alcohol Free 

Harvey: "Having sweat stains during a date is not a good look... trust me, I've learned from experience. So wearing a deodorant is a must for me, especially when I'm spending time with a woman I like. During special occasions, take for instance my group date with Haley, I like to use my Polo Blue deodorant stick. It keeps me sweat free, but also matches my cologne so I smell good throughout the night."



Lastly, make sure to be yourself and have fun! First dates are meant to get to know each other and enjoy one another's company. 



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