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Harvey & Haley

A Place Where Shopping Craves for You

They say a person is defined by their key? Some people’s key is home or family and some people are so hell bent on individuality. Whoever you are, there is not an item that you crave to shop and we don’t have it. If your password is Home, you’d love to buy from a large variety of items of home décor, garden and patio, bed and bath and home improvement. Or why not go to our furniture department, and furnish your home with the most stylish, durable and yet affordable furniture.

If your key is Person, you’d love to wander from electronics department to jewelry and watches to health and beauty. Whether the idea of a new cell-phone ignites your soul or you want lush jewelry to complement all those curves and edges that you amour craves for, Harvey & Haley will not disappoint you.

So, when you know that the largest and most diverse collection of the items that drive you made is only a few clicks away, what are you waiting for? Go to your favorite department and quench your thirst for more!!!

Harvey & Haley

“Do you believe in love at first sight? I do. From the moment my eyes locked with Harvey’s at that film festival in downtown L.A. I just knew he was the one. He had an air about him which expressed a warm confidence without him even saying a word. Imagine my delight when a mutual friend introduced us to each other. I’m not the kind of girl to give out my number easily but I had to go with my intuition that time. The last year has been a blur of hours-long conversations into the early morning, roses he buys me just because, and a growing bond of tenderness between the two of us. Who would’ve ever thought a native Los Angeles elementary school teacher like me would’ve hit it off so well with a New York entrepreneur seeking a new life out here in the City of Angels? And we don’t just click with the small things like our love of authentic Mediterranean food or how we both agree the Superbowl is one of the most important days of the year. We also happen to share the same dream, to embrace a wide variety of people through our online community at Harvey & Haley.”

With Love, Haley

“Our venture emphasizes harmony at every level, including between the two of us. Haley’s abilities complement mine in a way I’d never dreamed possible. She uses her technological expertise plus the leadership skills she practices as a teacher. If you can teach long division to a class of twenty rowdy, screaming, disinterested children, you can handle pretty much anything. I have a knack for helping people acquire what they most need. Nothing gives me greater joy than helping others through the background I gained by working in business. Family was always important to both of us, even if we grew up on different coasts. Each of our parents taught us to love our relatives unconditionally. At Harvey & Haley, we consider all of you as a part of our family. That means we’ll treat you with the same affection and love we show our own flesh and blood. That’s the Harvey & Haley guarantee. Allow us to help connect you with all of the products you may need for your work, your school, and your home. And each week, join us here so we can share our journey with you. Not everything goes perfectly, like how a couple of mutual friends wound up creating two different love triangles at the same time, but having support from all of you helps so much! So, take a load off, check in with us, and come along on this exciting adventure we’ll travel together called life.”

Your Friend, Harvey

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