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Metal Glass Lantern with Solid Metal Frame

Product Description
Features: Plain transparent glass for brighter reflection Solid metal frame Pointed studs design Rusted iron details Description:

Add this metal glass lantern to your room interiors as it exudes charm and class in the best way. It is made from high quality iron that has rusted details for a striking appearance. The metal glass lantern features a unique design structure that involves a plain transparent glass body and a metal frame. The plain glass used for a bright reflection of the flame allows more light to pass and illuminate the room. The pointed studs act as a steady stand for the lantern. The wide candle holder in the center of the structure with a wax candle gives a unique touch to this lantern. You can gift this candle to your dear one and top it up with a sweet note to keep it besides the bedside. It comes with following dimensions: 9" W x 9" D x 12" H 17" W

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