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Aluminium Candle Holder with Symmetric Design

Product Description

Features: Glossy silver finish Sturdy aluminum construction Neatly designed stem with a broad base on bottom and top Symmetric design Set up an unforgettable candle light dinner experience for your partner with this gorgeous aluminum candle holder gives your feelings a perfect platform. When the occasion is of special importance like your marriage anniversary, no run- of- the mill setting will do. The enchanting aluminum candle holder has a flat circular broad base of the same dimension as the bottom base, to hold your designer perfumed candles perfectly. The bottle shaped curved stem of this aluminum candle holder rests beautifully on a flat circular broad base to provide a firm grip with the ground. This symmetric design not only enhances its appeal but also provides a majestic look to the aluminum candle holder. Sturdy aluminum construction ensures long lasting use and durability. It is also a good gift for your office colleague who is planning to celebrate his wedding anniversary in a grand manner.. It comes with the following dimensions 8" W x 8" D x 13" H 7" W x 7" D x 7" H

62.71 261.00