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Metal Globe with Beautiful Stable Design & Stable Base

Product Description

Features: Made of high quality aluminium Enhances the table decor Accurate location determination through axis circle adjustment Stable base with beautiful design Excite the passion for geographic exploration with this accurately designed globe that also enhances your table decor. This Aluminum Globe with Beautiful Stable Design & Stable Base is securely set in the midst of concentric circles that enable accurate determination of locations though simple adjustments. These circles are based on the rotational axis, and an arrow runs through from one end to another traversing the globe. The exact marking of latitudes and longitudes on this globe will be quite helpful for any geography lover. This durably designed learning aid has the adequate endurance to last for a long time. The base is designed so as to provide a stable platform for the globe apparatus to rest on. Made of high quality aluminum, this globe will make for a hassle-free use. When placed in a study room, it is sure to create a suitable ambience for study and research. It will inspire to know more about the world.. It comes with following dimensions 20" W x 12" D x 18" H

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