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Harvey & Haley Decorative Real Leather Pillow with Newspaper Cut-Out Prints

Product Description

Features: Genuine quality leather Newspaper cut-outs creates a distinct feature Expert creative stitch Stuffed with royal cotton Creatively enhance your home decor by selecting this amazing real leather pillow which ranks high in comfort as well as style. You can use it on your couch to give your living room a striking appeal. The leather surface feels and looks real as it still retains perfect color and texture. The distinct feature in this leather pillow is surely the newspaper cut-outs that are printed randomly all over the surface which enhances the overall appeal. Besides, the stitching work for combining different leather pieces into one reflects creativity. It is a major highlight that binds this tough leather pillow. It is stuffed with royal cotton stuffing to ensure that it stays in best shape for a longer time. This pillow is crafted from genuine quality real animal leather that is rare to find in pillows and which also ensures its durability.. It comes with following dimensions 17 " W x 17 " D x 5 " H

76.09 190.00