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Harvey & Haley Cute Wind Chime with A Cat Design

Product Description

Features: 28-inch high wind chime shaped like a cat A great gift for cat lovers Made from rustproof metal This Cute Metal Wind Chime with a Cat Design (18") is an aesthetic showpiece to fawn over. It comes shaped like a cute cat and is perfect to hang at your bedroom window. Complete with a beautiful bow around its neck and a bewildered expression that is a trademark of cats, this metal wind chime looks wonderful even in children’s bedrooms. It is an example of ingenious craftsmanship with the seamless metal structure almost emulating a real cat. This unique wind chime has bells suspended from metal links around the cat’s paws and body. With the flows of breeze through your home, these bells will gently tinkle spreading a soothing sound through your home that is so peaceful and calming. Crafted from metal, this wind chime is still totally rustproof and weathers the adverse climatic effects with gusto. /li>. It comes with a dimension: 10" W x 1" D x 18" H

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