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Harvey & Haley Cow Wind Chime Cow Shaped with Attractive Design

Product Description

Features: Wind chime shaped like a cow Rustproof metal design Ideal for your children’s room Though their importance is understated, cows are an indispensable part of many cultures. This Metal Wind Chime shaped like a Cow allows you to pay homage to one of the most gentle and generous creatures of the animal kingdom. This wind chime will not only fill your home with beautiful tinkling melodies, but is sure to enhance the decor of your home too. It features small bells attached to various parts of the metal frame that tinkle gently when disturbed by breeze. It has a definite rustic charm that helps you tweak your home environment for that much needed change. With strong metal links and a hook, this wind chime is easy to hang and free from the hazards of falling when hung onto a hook. Crafted from metal, this wind chime is rustproof and ably withstands the rigors of hostile climatic conditions. It is a nice gift too.. It comes with a dimension: 16" W x 1" D x 21" H

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