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Harvey & Haley Metal Wind Chime with An Elephant Themed Design

Product Description

Features: Metal wind chime with an elephant-themed design Made from non-corrosive and durable metal A rustic addition to your home decor This Metal Wind Chime with Elephant Design features a handcrafted royal elephant at its centre. Sporting a concentric circle design, this metallic piece of art has metal bells attached to links and colorful beads. A series of bells is also attached at the bottom of the metal frame of this wind chime. Reminiscent of the royal steeds of emperors of bygone eras, this elephant-themed wind chime is sure to add an authentic rustic and traditional charm to your home or office. When hung up, these bells give out sweet tinkling sounds when disturbed by the breeze. Made from rustproof and strong metal along with metal chains and links, you can hang this wind chime up anywhere without having to worry about it falling down or succumbing to the adverse effects of weather. Consider it a work of art or a good luck charm, this wind chime is a must-have in your collection.. It comes with a dimension: 14" W x 1" D x 25" H

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