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Harvey & Haley Metal Frame Wind Chime with Circular Design

Product Description

Features: Wind chime with circular design Metal frame with beads and conical bells Add instant rustic charm to your home Ever thought that those boring geometric circular shapes could look so beautiful? Just bring home this Metal Wind Chime with Circular Design with its beautiful circular design to experience the beauty of geometric shapes. This wind chime will add that much needed serenity to your life, almost like making order out of chaos! It features artistic metal circles that touch at the same point, with metallic links and bells inside each circle. The rustic conical bells attached to colorful beads have an unmatched aesthetic appeal and give off soft lilting metallic sounds that sound melodious as they float over gentle breeze. You can easily hang this work of art from any hook or nail using its strong metal chain link. It is perfect as an all weather semi-outdoor decor item for your home or personal space. Made from corrosion-resistant metal, this wind chime is designed to be sturdy and durable. It comes with a dimension: 10" W x 1" D x 24" H

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