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Harvey & Haley Metal Bell with Tarnished Finish For Modern Decor

Product Description

Features: Metal bell with a tarnished finish Looks priceless and authentic Instant rustic charm for your space If you are bored with the hotel-like plush looks of your modern home, you can convert your home decor into a rustic masterpiece with this Artistic Metal Bell. Designed to soften the ringing metallic clank to a dull, yet audible metallic sound, this bell adds great aesthetic value to your home. Sporting a worn tarnished finish, it is just the perfect addition that tones down a ceiling corner or takes attention away from an awkward pillar in your house. Featuring a strong metal link at the top with a trust rope knotted precisely, this bell can be hung up anywhere in your home. Even though the metallic finish might look worn, it is actually treated to resist corrosion and adverse effects of the ever-changing climate. Get this metal bell and be prepared to transport yourself to the bygone era!. It comes with the following dimensions 8" W x 8" D x 16" H 30" H

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