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Harvey & Haley Metal Rooster Wind Chime with Conical Bells

Product Description

Features: Wind chime made from metal Expertly crafted rooster with conical bells Adds a rustic charm to your room or kitchen Invite good luck into your home and into your life with this Metal Wind Chime shaped like a Rooster. A rooster is considered to be important in a variety of cultures. Considered to imbibe the yang properties, it is said to bring good luck, fortune and bliss. They say using a rooster figurine in your kitchen brings you good fortune. Hang this rooster-shaped wind chime up at your kitchen window! Its marvelous intricate craftsmanship adds rustic charm to your kitchen decor. With five cute conical bells suspended below the rooster’s perch from metallic links and colorful beads, this wind chime emits lilting sounds as the small bells clink together due to the flow of the breeze. It makes a perfect gift for your friend’s housewarming party or on her birthday to usher in good luck. Crafted from rustproof metal, this wind chime can sustain all climatic conditions with elan!. It comes with a dimension: 7" W x 1" D x 22" H

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