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Harvey & Haley Gecko Wind Chime Rust Resistant Metal

Product Description

Features: Metal wind chime that’s a good luck charm too Shaped like a Gecko Made from rust-resistant metal Now, you can usher in good luck into your home and life with this Metal Wind Chime shaped like a Gecko. The Geckos are interesting creatures and one of the most abundantly found and varied species of lizards in the entire world. Preferring warmer climes, they are considered to bring good luck. Its intricate design and wonderful rustic finish is a hallmark of great craftsmanship. This gecko wind chime also features 5 conical metal bells suspended below the gecko on metal links and colorful beads. You easily hang this wind chime up at any window in your home or in a breeze passageway. The drafts of wind rustle through the bells and create alluring tinkling sounds that are pleasant to hear. Crafted from metal, the chain and links are strong, while the body of the wind chime is totally resistant to corrosion and wear and tear caused by weather.. It comes with a dimension: 8" W x 1" D x 17" H

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