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Harvey & Haley Aluminium Candle Stand Shiny Silver Finished

Product Description

Features: Spacious top to hold a broad designer candle appropriately Artistically designed stem with a square base Shiny silver finish Artistic and sturdy aluminum construction Personify your class and taste with this Attractive Aluminum Candle Stand Shiny Silver Finished. It glorifies your imperial bedroom with this majestic aluminum candle stand. It is a perfect decor piece to be kept in your favorite corner of the room. Adequate to light up a broad designer candle for a dim romantic light, this aluminum candle stand has an exquisite beauty of its own. Shining to glory with its gleaming silvery finish, this aluminum candle stand will enhance your room decor. Keep it at your bedside or beautify your end table; this aluminum candle stand is sure to offer a classic appeal to the area. Besides being supported with a broad and sturdy square aluminum metal base, this beautiful candle stand has a long stem with a curved self design that offers it a regal appearance.. It comes with a dimension: 7" W x 7" D x 26" H

105.71 264.00