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Harvey & Haley Lantern with Minimalistic Design And Geometric Flair

Product Description

Features: Perfect for casual setups Simple slatted accents along the sides Crafted from stainless steel Lantern exemplifies geometric flair This S/Steel Lantern 7"W, 25"H is sure to make for a wonderful decor accent. Chic and elegant, this Perfect for casual setups, this lantern can also be incorporated with urbane, contemporary interiors. Featuring simple slatted accents along the sides, this lantern exemplifies geometric flair and displays clean, smooth lines. The lean, tower-like design of this lantern gives the design a unique appeal and an ultra-modern, minimalistic design. The lantern is detailed with a smooth, charming finish which gives the design a characteristic appeal. Supported by a solid, secure base, this lantern can be installed on side-tables, shelves or window ledges for a warm, welcoming touch. Crafted from stainless steel, this lantern promises unmatched durability for long-lasting usage. Lightweight, this lantern can be hung anywhere inside or outside your house to enhance your decor. It is durably made from high grade material.. It comes with following dimensions 7 " W x 7 " D x 25 " H 16" H

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