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Harvey & Haley Beautiful Metal Clock with Dark Frame

Product Description

Features: Attractive metal clock Exquisitely designed stand offering balance Clock perfectly set with dark frame Bright dial with roman numeral display Displaying exact time on all occasions and bestowed with a stylish design, this fantastic clock is a perfect addition to your living space. The clock is made of high quality metal that is bestowed with great endurance to grace your home for a long time. A strong metal frame extends broadly at the base with two stable legs offering a great balance while placing this clock on any surface. The clock comes in a circular shape and the device is encompassed in a thick dark frame. The dial inside is bright colored and has dark colored minute and hour hands. The roman numerals are also dark in shade. The overall smooth finish and perfect designing stands as evidence to the expert workmanship involved.. It comes with following dimensions 6" W x 3" D x 6" H

85.67 214.00