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Harvey & Haley Clock Designed Like A Glider with Thick Frame and Dial

Product Description
Features: High quality metal clock Expertly designed like a glider Thick clock frame with bright dial Exact time display with modern numerals Description:

This stylish wall clock is sure to enhance the look of your interiors. It is made from high quality metal and is sturdily designed for a long lasting performance. This visually appealing clock comes with a thick rimmed frame with a dark shade and smooth finish. The dial inside has a bright white finish and has dark minute and hour hands with the slender second hand circling around precisely and gracefully. The time display is denoted in the modern numerals that also come in black color. It can be placed to match any part of your home. Take it home and maintain perfect sense of time while adding positive ambience to the decor. It comes with following dimensions: 15" W x 3" D x 5" H

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