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Harvey & Haley Ceramic Jar with Beautiful Shades and Smooth Finish

Product Description
Features: High quality ceramic jar Cylinder shaped jar with smooth finish Matching lid with metal handle Attractive shades with smooth finish Description:

. Combining earthy brown and white shades with ash and grey accents, this jar offers a visual treat and attracts attention all round. This ceramic jar comes as an outstanding piece of art that will serve as a perfect addition to your shelf or any part of your living space. The jar is cylindrically shaped with a broad circular base that offers stability and great balance to the overall structure. The brown shaded part is traversed by ash colored lines that make the area look like a beehive. Above this portion is the white shaded area of both the jar and its lid. This is accented by grayish hues that give the look of an antique piece to this jar. The jar is finished smoothly and can be carried around conveniently with the handle provided in the lid. It comes with a following dimensions 9"W x 5"D x 14"H 7x3"D

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