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Harvey & Haley Classic Ceramic Vase in Traditional Water Flask Shape

Product Description
Features: High quality ceramic vase Combination of attractive shades Enhances the decor Rust accents adding to antique look Description:

Combining classic artistry with attractive shading techniques, this ceramic vase presents the picture of a wonderful art piece. Shaped like a traditional water flask, this vase can be suitably complemented with flowers or can be placed alone to add beauty to the living space. This excellently designed vase widens broadly at the center to narrow at the top portion with a small opening at the mouth. The top portion is brightly colored in white in rust accents giving it an antique look. The lower portion is designed in a beehive pattern with ash colored lines demarcating the earthy brown hive segments. Easy to be carried around, this vase is sure to enhance your interior decor. This vase is made of high quality ceramic material and is sure to adorn your home stylishly for a long time to come. It comes with a following dimensions 9"W x 4"D x 24"H 1"D

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