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Harvey & Haley Wood Ships Wheel in Meticulously Carved Finial Work

Product Description
Features: Crafted to perfection Meticulously carved finial work Complements the home decor Creates a sailor’s mood Description:

Aesthetically designed, this wooden ship-wheel adds a touch of maritime decor to your home. It lends a seaside feel to your living space and inspires the nautical dream in you. Crafted to perfection, this piece of home decor is designed with intricate details that make it a perfect sailor’s wheel. The attractive with a meticulous carved finial work and the long spokes attached to the center further enhances its charm. The strong and stylish sailor’s wheel is dark grey colored which highlights its surpassing beauty. The orange colored crabs caught on the net, which is draped on the wheel further adds to this eclectic piece of home decor. The edgy home decor accessory also boasts of few sea shells sticking onto the net to add to the seaside effect. This magnificent sailor’s wheel is sure to complement the decor of your living space with elegance. It comes with following dimensions: 24" W x 3" D x 24" H

108.69 272.00