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Harvey & Haley Simple Wood Wall Box Clock in Dark Brown Rustic Finish

Product Description
Features: Convenient storage Delicate engravings Dark brown finish Delicately carved minute and hour hands Description:

, This elegant clock in the shape of a wall cabinet is sure to help your with high storage utility. Delicately carved minute and hour hands are highlighted against the white dial of this clock. The bold numerals come with high visibility that makes it conveniently readable at a glance. It provides better storage space for your kitchen essentials when hanged on the walls of your kitchen. Highly decorative, this wall clock will add great decor to the walls of your living room. The cabinet is designed in the shape of a box, and divided into three compartments for convenient storage. The circular clock is fixed on the door of this wood box. It is further enhanced with delicate engravings with a delighting pattern of clean lines and creative pattern. The dark brown finish of the clock renders a rustic look that will complement the decor your room. It comes with following dimensions 16" W x 4" D x 24" H

149.54 374.00