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Household Essentials 2258-1 Bamboo 9-hook Key Holder Wall Coat Rack

Product Description

Household Essentials Bamboo 9-Hook Key Holder Wall Coat Rack is a bamboo wall-mount coat rack with 4 silver hanging knobs and 5 silver tension key holders. The knobs are short, with a wider end cap to help keep coats, jackets, scarves, and bags hanging securely. Knobs also make it easier to get a coat or bag off quickly, without pulling on the coat rack. The tension key holders are flat, tension hooks that lie flush against the rack when they are empty. The hooks open with a fingertip's pressure against the lower part of the hooks. The top of the hooks push outward as the bottom of the hooks are pressed inward, making it easy to slip a key ring inside. Best of all, the tension keeps keys in place, so there is no risk of keys accidentally falling off. This attractive bamboo coat rack and key holder is sturdy and sleek, taking up far less space than conventional coat racks. Perfect for by the door in apartments and houses! This wall mount combination key holder and coat rack is 3.94 inches high, 20.08 inches wide, and 2.36 inches deep.

Color: Natural
2.36h x 20.08w x 3.94d inch
5.994 x 51.0 x 10.0 cm


  • Bamboo, wall-mount rack with 4 hanging pegs and 5 tension-mount key holders
  • Tension key mount
  • Capped cylindrical coat pegs
  • 5 key holds; 4 coat pegs
  • 2.36 inches high, 20.08 inches wide, and 3.94 inches deep
87.32 127.92