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Folding X-Frame Clothes Dryer, Stainless, Steel

Product Description

Household Essentials Folding X-Frame Clothes Dryer is a sturdy, collapsible dryer for air-drying delicates and other clothes. The dryer has 11 drying rods for ample drying space. The dryer unfolds easily. It anchors to itself to stay open: notches on the top arms fit over the top horizontal bar and the weight of the dryer keeps it secure. This means it is easy to fold down as well. Just lift the top and lower to the floor. The dyer itself is easy to clean and is non-staining, so it is safe to use with all fabrics. Enjoy long-lasting clothes and conserving energy with air-drying. This stainless steel dryer is 41.3 inches high, 28.3 inches wide, and 14. 17 inches deep.

Color: Stainless steel
41.3h x 28.3w x 14.17d inch
104.9 x 71.8 x 35.9 cm


  • Folding clothes dryer with 11 drying rods (24.96 feet) to air dry clothing and linens
  • Tapered feet
  • Notch hooks over the top of the frame to keep it open
  • Collapsible
  • 41.3 inches high, 28.3 inches wide, and 14.17 inches deep
  • Easy clean
  • Non-staining
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