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Household Essentials 81009 Silver Coated Ironing Board Cover and Pad

Product Description

Household Essentials's Standard Silver Silicone Cover and Pad is an modern and elegant ironing board cover. Its sleek silver silicone finish shimmers even as it protects against stains and scorching. It has one-piece construction, meaning the cover, pad, and attached pocket are sewn together to create a better fit and alignment that lasts. It measures 18 inches wide by 58.5 inches long and fits standard ironing boards that are 13-15 inches wide x 53-54 inches long. The 100% cotton cover overlays a thick 6mm foam pad, which improves comfort and efficiency. Tailored side edging fits the cover and pad to the board and keeps installation simple. A bungee cord binding along the edge increases the security of the fit and anchors the cover and pad more snuggly. The tailored nose and fit ensures that every cover aligns correctly-and stays that way.

Notice the innovative pocket! This attached pocket has won awards for reducing the amount of packaging. Reducing packaging makes a more sustainable product. The pocket also doubles as a holding pocket for water bottles and starch.

U.S. Patent No. 8,201,352

Color: Silver silicone
N/Ah x 18w x 58.5d inch
N/A x 45.7 x 148. cm


  • Attractive ONE-PIECE CONSTRUCTION cover and pad for standard ironing boards
  • Thick 6mm foam pad and 100% cotton cover for smooth ironing surface
  • Attached storage pocket can be left out or tucked under
  • Tailored nose and bungee cord binding enhance fit and makes installation easy
  • 18 inches wide x 58.5 inches long; fits standard 13-15 inch x 53-54 inch ironing board surfaces
  • Silicon stain and scorch coating resists water and dirt

Cut full size to fit all standard 13-15 x 53-54 inch tops

41.51 59.31