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Towel Radiator (White) (44'' x 30'')

Product Description

Step out of your shower and into a nice warm towel. With this 44" x 30" towel radiator in white you no longer have to use a cold or damp towel when drying off after a shower or bath. Even in the winter you can have warm towels to wrap around you. When you come in after a rainy day you can dry your jackets or sweatshirts quickly. Warm up a blanket to snuggle in during those cold winter nights. You can mount our towel heater to a wall in your shower, in your kitchen, in your hallway or in your bedroom. And as well as warming your towels, they also function as a radiator to warm the room! The radiator's 600 watts will effectively and efficiently heat a typical bathroom of 100-120 square feet, and built-in thermostat will maintain temperature. That feature, combined with the seven-day Programmable Wireless Thermostat, allows for energy efficient warming of the room, and warming and drying towels. You will save money with this towel warmer because you won't have to use your dryer as much. All year round you can enjoy cozy and warm towels. Each towel warmer extends 2.75" from the wall. .

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